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Premiere Cards (sorted by type)

This is a list of all the Premiere cards, sorted by type. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

Card Rarity Type Artist

Asset (39)

Base Unit (75)

Event (61)

Aerial Attack Rare Event Malcolm McClinton
All Bases Covered Rare Event John Zeleznik
Ambush Uncommon Event Scott Johnson
Booby Trap Rare Event Mark Evans
Charge of the Cyber-Knights Rare Event Dave Dorman
Commando Strike Uncommon Event David Martin
Complacency Uncommon Event Tobias Brenner
Cross-Fire Rare Event Freddie Williams II
Crush Your Enemies Uncommon Event William Li
Devouring Swarm Rare Event Mark Tedin
Dispersal Rare Event Tobias Brenner
Endless Horde of Minions Rare Event Keith Parkinson
Experiments Rare Event Mark Evans
Extermination Rare Event Igino Giordano
Force Field Rare Event Susan van Camp
Full Mobilization Rare Event Mark Tedin
Geometric Growth Rare Event Steve Roberts
Grind Them to Dust Common Event Bruno Krippahl
Ground Assault Rare Event Mark Evans
Head Shot Fixed Event Scott Johnson
Head Shot Common Event Scott Johnson
Heavy Fire Common Event Freddie Williams II
Heroism Fixed Event Matt Cavotta
Heroism Common Event Matt Cavotta
Hidden Arts Rare Event Steve Roberts
Hit and Run Uncommon Event Kari Christensen
Invulnerability Rare Event Mark Evans
Know Thy Enemy Uncommon Event Matt Thompson
Large-Scale Tactics Fixed Event Patrick McBride
Large-Scale Tactics Common Event Patrick McBride
Last Stand Uncommon Event Chris Arneson
Ley Line Nexus Uncommon Event Ron Lemen
Ley Line Storm Uncommon Event William Teo
Liberté, Fraternité Rare Event Joachim Gmoser
Loot and Pillage Rare Event Lissanne Lake
Mental Discipline Uncommon Event Stephanie Law
Missile Salvo Fixed Event Slawek Wojtowicz
Missile Salvo Common Event Slawek Wojtowicz
Mobile Defense Uncommon Event Gregory Henle
Multiply and Conquer Uncommon Event Dave Dorman
New Technologies Uncommon Event Ron Lemen
On Full Alert Rare Event Kevin Long
Pack Up and Move Out Uncommon Event John Zeleznik
Peace and Harmony Uncommon Event Mark Evans
Power Blast Rare Event William Teo
Rebuild Uncommon Event David Monette
Regroup Rare Event Tobias Brenner
Rise From Chaos Rare Event Steve Lawton
Slice and Dice Rare Event John Zeleznik
Special Projects Uncommon Event Susan van Camp
Stolen Battle Plans Uncommon Event Ramon Perez
Strategic Withdrawal Uncommon Event Lissanne Lake
Stray From the Pack Uncommon Event Audra Furuichi
Tactical Nuke Rare Event Casey Young
Take Point Rare Event John Zeleznik
Technological Supremacy Uncommon Event Slawek Wojtowicz
The Pact Uncommon Event Britt Martin
Total War Rare Event Roman Kochnev
Urban Decay Common Event Heather Bruton
Urban Warfare Uncommon Event Francis Tsai
Weapon Burst Rare Event Ron Lemen

Field Unit (131)

Nation Card (9)

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