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Premiere Cards (sorted by artist)

This is a list of all the Premiere cards, sorted by artist. To simplify downloads, each category has been compressed; you can elect to expand one section, expand them all, or collapse them all. All cards also have a link to the gallery entry for that card. Please observe all copyright notices and include them if you decide to download any images.

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Card Rarity Type Artist

Ran Ackels (3)

Chris Arneson (11)

no art (9)

Dany Boucher (2)

Wayne Breaux, Jr. (2)

Tobias Brenner (5)

Heather Bruton (2)

David Cabot (2)

George Cairns (2)

Dennis Calero (8)

Matt Cavotta (6)

Kari Christensen (2)

David Daniel (3)

Dave Dorman (3)

Tina Druce-Hoffman (10)

Mark Evans (14)

Audra Furuichi (1)

Igino Giordano (6)

Joachim Gmoser (7)

Gregory Henle (5)

Engineers Uncommon Asset Gregory Henle
Flying Titan Power Armor Troops Fixed Field Unit Gregory Henle
Flying Titan Power Armor Troops Common Field Unit Gregory Henle
GB 6-96 Glitter Boy Transport Rare Field Unit Gregory Henle
Mobile Defense Uncommon Event Gregory Henle

Phillip Hilliker (3)

Patrick Ho (1)

Quinton Hoover (3)

Scott Johnson & Denise Harris (1)

Scott Johnson (8)

Roman Kochnev (5)

Bruno Krippahl (4)

Lissanne Lake (4)

Stephanie Law (4)

Steve Lawton (1)

April Lee (2)

Ron Lemen (6)

William Li (2)

Kevin Long & Denise Harris (2)

Kevin Long (7)

Britt Martin (5)

David Martin (13)

Patrick McBride (2)

Malcolm McClinton (5)

Timothy Mietty (1)

David Monette (3)

Drew Morrow (6)

Tony Moseley (5)

Fernando Palma (3)

Keith Parkinson (1)

Ramon Perez & Denise Harris (1)

Ramon Perez (10)

Central War Chief Uncommon Asset Ramon Perez
Daring Rescue Uncommon Asset Ramon Perez
First Calgary Volunteers Uncommon Field Unit Ramon Perez
Glitter Boy Sidekicks Uncommon Field Unit Ramon Perez
Juicer Assassins Rare Field Unit Ramon Perez
Lockdown Fixed Asset Ramon Perez
Lockdown Common Asset Ramon Perez
Rapid Deployment Company Rare Field Unit Ramon Perez
Stolen Battle Plans Uncommon Event Ramon Perez
The Pecos Raiders Rare Field Unit Ramon Perez

Michael Philippi (2)

Steve Roberts (9)

Armor of Ithan Uncommon Asset Steve Roberts
Bodyguards Rare Asset Steve Roberts
City of Brass Uncommon Base Unit Steve Roberts
Corrigal of the Nine Rare Field Unit Steve Roberts
Dweomer Fixed Base Unit Steve Roberts
Dweomer Common (C4) Base Unit Steve Roberts
Fire Demon Automatons Common Field Unit Steve Roberts
Geometric Growth Rare Event Steve Roberts
Hidden Arts Rare Event Steve Roberts

Christopher Snowdon (1)

Steve Snyder (12)

Carisa Swenson (1)

Mark Tedin (6)

Artillery Barrage Common Asset Mark Tedin
Devouring Swarm Rare Event Mark Tedin
Duluth Xiticix Rare Field Unit Mark Tedin
Full Mobilization Rare Event Mark Tedin
Iron Dragonfly Heavy Air Juggernauts Rare Field Unit Mark Tedin
Sea Viper Iron Juggernauts Common Field Unit Mark Tedin

William Teo (3)

Matt Thompson (3)

Francis Tsai (3)

Susan van Camp (10)

Luis Vazquez (2)

Walter Velez (3)

Tom Weighill (3)

Freddie Williams II (7)

Slawek Wojtowicz (15)

Casey Young (2)

John Zeleznik (22)

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