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The Rifts
Collectible Card Game
Fixed Cards

These tables represent the fixed cards in the Rifts CCG. The Nation Cards in each set are also listed; the Premiere Edition Nation Cards are included in the starter decks. This list is also useful if you ever want to play the Upstart Warlord.

Premiere Edition
Nation Cards    Play Cards   Type   #
Coalition States Bursters Field Unit 3
Cyberworks Chi-Town & Burbs Base Unit 1
Federation of Magic City of Free Quebec Base Unit 1
Free Quebec City of Lazlo Base Unit 1
Lazlo City of Tolkeen Base Unit 1
Pecos Empire Cyborg Enforcers Field Unit 3
Tolkeen Dweomer Base Unit 1
Upstart Warlord Elemental Warlocks Base Unit 5
Xiticix Flying Titan Power Armor Troops Field Unit 3
Golden Age Weaponsmiths Field Unit 3
Head Shot Event 3
Heroism Event 2
Houstown Base Unit 1
Large-Scale Tactics Event 2
Ley Line Walkers Field Unit 3
Lockdown Asset 3
Los Alamo Base Unit 1
Missile Salvo Event 2
Naval Superiority Asset 1
NG-V7 Hunter Mobile Guns Field Unit 3
Pre-Rifts Industrial Complex Base Unit 5
Psi-Stalkers Field Unit 3
Spider-Skull Walkers Field Unit 3
Stormspire Base Unit 1
Suppression Fire Asset 2
Techno-Wizard Smiths Base Unit 5
Thornhead Demons Field Unit 3
Titan Juicers Field Unit 3
Witchlings Field Unit 3

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