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Giant humanoid insects from another world, Xiticix numbers have grown from a few dozen to almost four million in only 50 years! The Xiticix have no allies; they exist solely to breed, conquer, and terraform the Earth into a world suitable only for them. Apparently more intelligent and advanced than their "bug-like" appearance would at first suggest, many foolish adventurers have dismissed the Xiticix as non-sentient, only to end their days staring down the barrel of a Xiticix-manufactured glop rifle or rail gun.

No communication with the Xiticix has ever been achieved by conventional, magic, or psychic methods. The Elder Queens remain a complete enigma to outsiders. The Coalition States and Lazlo have both adopted a war-footing against their hives, believing total extermination of the Xiticix is the only option.

Tolkeen The Coalition States

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