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For many years, Tolkeen was a large and peaceful kingdom where magic and technology, humans and aliens, existed side-by-side. All of that changed when hostilities with the Coalition States began to escalate and war became inevitable. The people of Tolkeen, applying their skills and resources to warfare, have discovered that they are very, very good at it. The sorcerers of Tolkeen are prepared to unleash magical terrors the likes of which have never before been seen on Earth.

The Council of Twelve, Tolkeen's advisory body, is comprised of human wizards, dragons, demons, and godlings. Although they rule together with King Creed, Council members have the resources to carry out their own grand schemes, and do so with increasing frequency now that war looms on the horizon. Warlord Uxluth has stepped forward as a leading proponent of blending magic and technology in ways never before imagined to defend and preserve Tolkeen from its enemies.

"We will not withdraw, for this is our home. We will not surrender, for surrender means death. We will fight the Coalition with every means at our disposal."

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