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The Pecos Empire

The Pecos Empire is a loose-knit association of dozens of independent kingdoms and bandit groups. Aliens, technology, and magic exist side-by-side in this chaotic society based in southern Texas. The primary strength of the Pecos Empire rests in their mobility and diversity, making them all but impossible to engage and destroy.

Sabre Lasar, self-proclaimed Emperor of the Pecos Empire, is warlord of the region's largest military band. While his position is not powerful in itself, Sabre Lasar has cultivated an environment where many of the other Pecos Empire forces come to him for guidance and acknowledge his leadership.

"From the seeds of our diversity, together we can build something great. We have the people, we have the territory, and with me in charge, we have the leadership to become a great power."

Lazlo Tolkeen

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