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Beneath the fields of Maryland lies an ancient military bunker of the old American Empire; a vast installation built by Cyberworks before the time of the rifts. Inside is "Archie Three", the ultimate supercomputer. Archie's human masters and creators have been dead for centuries now. Without their instructions, Archie has spent trillions of cycles computing what to do with himself and the self-contained production complex at his disposal. Meanwhile, he has created legions of robotic soldiers using the secrets of lost, pre-rifts technology. As war erupts on the surface, Archie Three has recently computed that action is required.

The technology and production resources at Archie Three's disposal provide him with military power the equal of any who style themselves "Kings" of Rifts Earth. Now that he has decided to take a hand in world affairs, he may even decide to conquer it all.

"But how do you have 'fun' when you're a god? Will ruling the Earth be 'fun'?"

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