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Rifts CCG Errata

Errata and Clarifications

As people ask questions and I feel they are important enough for general dissemination, I will put the clarifications here.

rules addendum: 26 February, 2002

Always shuffle your deck after looking through it, revealing cards, etc.

Timing for Unit & Asset Play
rules addendum: 06 November, 2001

Immediately after the "Who Plays First?" box on page 15 is a new box:

When a unit (including a stacked copy) or asset card is played, it does not trigger an Event Ladder. The card enters play and any immediate effects as a result are resolved. However, play then alternates to the opponent, who may play an event or use a card effect. This is not in response to the unit/asset entering play, but rather provides the opponent an opportunity to begin a new Event Ladder before the first player plays an additional card.

Example: Karl plays a base unit. After this, before Karl can do anything else, his opponent James has an opportunity to play an event card or to rotate one of his cards to use its effect text. If James does so, this would start a new Event Ladder under the standard event/effect timing rules. If he does not, then play reverts to Karl. After Karl plays his next card, James will again have an opportunity to play an event/effect.

Essentially, treat unit and asset play as events/effects for purposes of alternating between players, with the exceptions that unit/asset play does not begin an Event Ladder, and units and assets may only be played during your Play Cards Round.

Command & Control
clarification: 19 October, 2001

If your C&C is reduced in the middle of a turn, you immediately choose which unit(s) formerly within your C&C are now outside your C&C.

Missile Salvo
ruling: 23 October, 2001

The ability to place 1 point of damage on each field unit targets the player, so it will affect units with Immunity. The ability to place 3 points of damage on a unit targets the unit, so it can not be used against a unit with Immunity.

New rule
29 September, 2001

When a card leaves play, any effects it was generating also leave play.

This is similar to the rule under the "Rotating and Readying Cards" section of the rules (page 14), but more global.

Demonbusters, Inc.
errata: 29 September, 2001

This card should read "For each field unit you control..." (emphasis added)

The Book of Ten
clarification: 08 September, 2001

All 10 cards must be removed at the same time. You can not "bank" the discards.

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