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The Primeval Rift

"Rifts are tears in the very fabric of space and time. They are found at the nexus points where several lines of natural energy (that mankind calls magic) intersect and create a surge in the lines of power." -- Kevin Siembieda, Creator of RIFTS®.

Set approximately 300 years in the future, Rifts Earth is a planet beset by dimensional anomalies, called rifts, through which aliens, demons, and magical forces have invaded our world. Humanity has been devastated by a nuclear war and by the supernatural invasions that followed. Mankind, once dominant, now must struggle for survival against dire adversaries both human and inhuman.

  • General Information
  • Card Lists and Galleries
    • Check out the faction list for the Premiere Edition.
    • Official card lists and galleries for all sets.
    • If you want to know the contents of a starter, the list is here.
    • Want to find a specific card? Try the Card Finder.
    • The official Rifts CCG trading site is in full operation. It's the best place to find the cards you need.

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  • Other links

  • Many of the ex-Avatars will maintain excellent web sites devoted (at least partially) to the Rifts CCG. Check out

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